31 days Self love challenge

31 days Self love challenge | The best way to Improve yourself | Proper Idea

31 days self love challenge is not a very big deal. According to research, many psychologists says, a human being needs 21 days to change the habits inside of him/her.

Human life is like is flow and ebb like the ocean. Ocean has flow and ebb, so we have happiness and sorrow. It is always up and down of mixed pleasure and pain. We always take care of others, our job. Our mind is still afraid of how their reaction if I do this work? How they think about me if I talk about this. On the other, we forget that we have our own life, we have to raise our thought out loudly.

But we have to avoid this. We need to love ourselves; we need self-love and self-respect.
So here I am going to give some ideas based on my experience. When I was abroad because of my studies, I made a good habit of myself. I have told you before that it’s not a big deal to make a habit within 31 days. You just need to believe yourself and lack confidence that you will do it. I have three steps of the journey of myself love.

Before taking any decision of life, you should relax for a moment, for a day or a week. So here I am describing some relaxing habits to enjoy self-love, and you can also change your practice.

Phone off

We are living in a modern age. We can’t think about our daily life without technology. But you know, sometimes it becomes dangerous things when we do use it more than enough we need. Purposes of self-loving, we need to avoid some hours of a day. I will highly recommend you to avoid the phone for 3/4 hours a day. This time is for only yours. This time is only for self-loving. You will switch off when you go to starting self love challenge.

Traveling outside

When I feel bored, I go out to outgrow my boringness. I think that time is mine. I travel to many places wherever my eyes say. Travelling can be a reasonable opinion to get rid of depression. It does not only get rid of depression but can also fresh our mind. So we can give this time to ourselves.

Read Self-motivated book

The book is the best friend of a lonely person. Jorge Luis Borges says, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library”. You can read self-motivational books, fiction, and non-fiction. If you love poem, you can read the poetry and recitation by yourself. In my university life, I have read lots of books. Here I have a list of the best books ever have read.

The best 10 books you should read before die.

I am saying again books can be your best opinion for your self love challenge.

Deactivate your social account

Now a day’s social media are the easiest ways to connect. We are doing to concentrate more much than our everyday work. It is going to be harmful when we overused it. So this is the first step before starting a self-loving person we have to avoid social media sites. It will be better if you can deactivate for a month so that you will enjoy self-loving and focus on self love challenge.

Watch movie

Watching a movie is my favorite entertainment during my leisure time. You can watch your favorite idol movie. Because in your mission first 15 days, you have to make a habit that you are going to enjoy just yourself. It is not very easy to make a habit of self-love. So for the first time, you make a habit of relaxing. You can watch various kinds of a movie like animation, suspense, thriller, action, comedy, and romance. I like a thriller movie. I especially like the Korean thriller movie.
Here I have a list of thriller movies which I love most.

Self Poem

You can write self-poem. It is the best way to passing with you. When I felt lonely and depressed, then I went to my garden and took a seat. Later I try to write up some poems. It does work. So I think it’s not the wrong way if you want to spend your time with yourself.

Favorite food

For some days you can cook for yourself, your favorite food. But it should always be healthy food. You have to avoid all junk foods around you. Remember, it’s not only for self-love for 31 days. It also the challenge that you have to build a good habit.

Write a letter to yourself

Probably you are thinking that this sound is hearing ridiculous, why we need to write a letter to mine. Maybe your thinking is this writer going to be mad. But seriously, you can do it. You can write about your bad habits you should give up immediately. Self-critic is the best way to give up bad habits. It is one of the best way to change yourself with self love challenge.


The best way to keep your mind fresh is meditation. From a religious perspective, every religion has its way of doing meditation. If you think about Christianity, you can see the space of reflection. In Islam, you can see they do 5times of praying, its also one kind of meditation. In Buddha, philosophy meditation is the best way to out of depression, and it will turn to be a self-lover and turn to in front of self love challenge.

Listening to a song

You can listen to your favorite song. Listening to a song is always make your mind happy and helps to be satisfied. You should have to make you prepare to be strong mentally, physically to rebuild yourself.

Clean your room and change your appearance
It is mandatory to keep your room clean. A cleanroom can change your mind fresh. So your first step is to clean your room and decorated it colorfully. Our intention is outstanding works when we see clean and colorful around us. Another one is you can change your dress code and hair cut. It will make you a different look.

Daily routine

After passing 15 days of your challenge, you will get refreshments in your mind. Your next challenge should be to make a daily routine. A proper daily routine can help you to use your time correctly. In your 31 days self-love challenge, a daily routine is essential. Try to make a routine which helps you wake up properly, which will remind you to do everyday tasks you should do.

Buy a journal

Self-journaling is a very effective way to give time to self-love. If you do self-journaling, you will get what you are making mistakes in everyday life. You have to buy a notebook and do journal yourself every day. After 7days, you have to look at what was the works you did. Next time then all the wicked actions you should avoid.

For more details to know about self journal buy this book: SELF Journal by BestSelf

A miracle morning and keep the smiley face

Morning is significant if you enjoy the best moment. After the 25days of your challenge, you should get up early in the morning and enjoy the fresh air with a drone of little birds.
A smile makes a person decidedly happier. Try to keep your smile all the time.

E.E. Cummings says, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

Okay, after the days of 27, you have a look in your days you done and adequately passed. Make a list that you did appropriately and which is not. Do it again and realize it in the next three days. Self-love is vital in humans. All the time, we forget our happiness because of corporate life. We all should love ourselves in our life.

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