Best Pretty Little Liars Quotes You May Like

 Pretty Little Liars is an American popular thriller TV series. Here are some cool and about pretty little liar quotes from this TV series:


“You’re Always Better Off With a Really Good Lie.”

 “You know what they say about hope, it breeds eternal misery”

Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead.

“So then they’d snuggled up to each other, naked, and started to talk. Ezra told her about the time he was six and sculpted a red squirrel out of clay, only to have his brother squash it. How he used to smoke a lot of pot after his parents got divorced. About the time he had to take the family’s fox terrier to the vet to have her put to sleep. Aria told him about how when she was little, she kept a can of split pea soup named Pee as a pet and cried when her mom tried to cook Pee for dinner.”

“Lucas: It was just an accident.
Ali: Is that what the doctors told your mom dad at the hospital?”


“Shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets.”

“outwardly nice but inwardly horrid.”

“Oh honey, you didn’t even know me when you knew me.’’

 “You’ve been acting freaky. Are you high? Can I have some if you are?”

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
-Benjamin Franklin.”

“Who sharpened your tongue, little girl?”

 “Before Ali, the girls had felt like pleated, high-waisted mom jeans—awkward and noticeable for all the wrong reasons—but then Ali made them feel like the most perfect-fitting Stella McCartneys that no one could afford.”

“Alison: You’re a little loud.
Spencer: You’re a little crazy!”

“I’m still here, bitches. And I know everything.”

“You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery!”

“Sometimes lies are more interesting than the truth.”  

 “I kind of have to go to the bathroom,” Aria said woozily.
Ezra smiled. “Can I come?”

“Friends share secrets. That’s what keeps us close.”  

  “Only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

“I’m still here, bitches. And I know everything.”  

 “When someone covets something they desire and lust over it.Usually it’s something they can’t have. You’ve always had that problem…”

“You think the truth is this big shiny disco ball of purity then go ahead and try it. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I did. Take it from me you’re always better off with a really good lie.”

  “ I’ve been dreaming about this moment for a long time, sleeping in my own bed.”

   “Hell is other people.”

“, The rest of the girls pretended not to notice. That’s just what best friends do.”  

“Alison: It’s like you went to sleep one night and forgot who I am.
Aria: I know exactly who you are. A.
Alison: Stop saying that.
Aria: Why should I? You’re A! You stole the game from Mona and then you killed her because she had proof.”  “SPENCER: Hide and seek was my favorite game with Melissa. You want to know why? I always won.”

“Mike drank straight from the carton, wiped his mouth, and stared at her. “You’ve been acting freaky. Are you high? Can I have some if you are?”

 “That’s immortality my darlings”

 “I’ve always hated biology who cares how a cell divides, it just does”

“Who’s gonna protect you when I’m gone? If you do this, you’ll all be next.”

“ Look if I was as clever as everyone thinks I am, wouldn’t I have given myself a better alibi than my brother?
Alison: If I was A, why would I let this happen to me?
Hanna: I don’t know. But I do know that if you are A, you’re counting on that last little shred of me that gives a damn about what happens to you. And you shouldn’t. They know nothing about me. Alison: What do we do now?
Tanner: We wait and hope that Andrew makes a move. No Charles Dilaurentis in this family.”  

“Mai fidarsi di una bella ragazza se nasconde un orribile segreto.”

“It’s like you’re reading a book and every time someone’s tearing the pages.”

“Holy shit,” Spencer said. She held her T-shirt up against her naked chest.
“What is it? Wren asked.
Spencer stepped back. Her throat was dry. “Oh,” she croaked.
“Oh,” Wren echoed.
Melissa stood outside the window, her hair messy and Medusa-like, her face absolutely expressionless. A cigarette shook in her tiny, usually steady fingers.
“I didn’t know you smoked,” Spencer finally said.”

“They felt kind of like dolls, with Ali arranging their every move.”

“I bet you thought I was Alison, didn’t you? Well, sorry, but I’m not. Duh. She’s dead.”

“She walked into his office and shut the door. It was empty, except for a wide, heavy wood desk, two folding chairs, and a computer.”

“I’m still here, bitches. And I know everything.  “It was full of lush, tall pines, acres of rustic family-run farms, and the cutest foxes and bunnies.”

“She was too busy to freak out, but that was the only thing keeping her from freaking out.”


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