How to not be Scared to Fight in Street

How to not be Scared to Fight in Street

How to not be Scared to Fight in Street? Fighting in the street or crowded place not look good.

Sometimes, we try to be polite and be a cooly.

Sometimes, it does not affect us. But every so often our opposites attack us, and we cant revenge. Why?

Do you think this is the problem that only happens to you? Not for all? If you believe that you are a loser or useless, you are wrong. Many of us think like when we get flogged from our opposites, and we hold up.

Then We think we too meaningless. So, how can you remove your fear from a fight? There are three reasons that we cant punch anyone anytime…

What are those?

  • Scared of fight
  • Fear of fighting
  • When you are too much Gentle

It is a truth that some peoples can’t hit because they scare about to get a counter-attack.

So that’s why they don’t want to attend to fighting.

In the last year, my younger brother got punched in his neck from his classmate. I asked him, how much punch swap between you and your friend?

Surprisingly, he answered that he didn’t punch his friend for a single time, but he got two times from his friends.

It is not like he cannot punch as a sick person.

So why he didn’t?

In my experience, I saw many people get hits from the opposite, just because of fear in their minds.

But now you can think this kind of fear is called a disorder.

Not like that, actually. It is not a disorder or a personal problem.

Now I will discuss some reasons why people get fear when they involve in a fight. And how to not be scared to fight in street.

Oversensitivity, The Majority of the people don’t want to get involved in a street fight.
Do you know the reason behind not get to participate in the street of a battle?

The reason is over sensitivity. over sensitivity people are always trying to physical activities much more than other people…

A lack of confidence and experience

When are you trying to drive a car or bike for the first time, what you think? Your mind thinks that you will get an accident. This kind of thinking set automatically because you already know that you are not an expert in driving. Like driving a bike or a car is not possible without confidence and experience, fighting with forwardness is not also possible without self-confidence. You have to think that you are also a human, just like your opposition. An appeal in uncertain situation Some of us, we appeal in uncertain situations.

To grow your confidence you can read this article: Best Self confidence formula |A way to reach your destination 

Appeal in an uncertain situation

Some of us, sometimes we appeal in precarious situations. When we get to fall in an uncertain situation, we may lose our thinking about what we need to do.

Atypical cases can make our brain blank for a time. Fighting in the street is also one kind of uncertain position. Some public cannot think ever to quarrel or compete with others, so how can they think to fight on the street?

And the last reason is,

Bad previous experience

Suppose, a people who always got hits from other people, undoubtedly he will get Afraid of a new bad situation because of the previous bad experience.

Your past experience of fighting can damage overall confidence for a man.

So it can make bad situations again. Those are all about the problems of fearing to fight and handle how to overcome fear in the street.

Now I will tell you some solutions and techniques, how you will overcome your fear of confronting the street.

Think you can do everything

I have written already in my post that lack of confidence is the reason for worries about fighting in the street. First of all, you have to think you can do battle and you have much ability to tackle everything in every situation. Positive thinking can grow your confidence. After all, your confidence will handle your case, whatever it is.

Don’t think about how much you get hit from others

try to beat them when you feel desperate in that situation. And not possible to inhibit. Then one way is open for you. You have to save you from your opposite one. It will be mandatory to hit them also. Hit them. Don’t calculation to how much hit from them. You have to focus on your hitting. I hope it will be work to fight in the street and the best way to save yourself.

Training for fight Habit and exercise

This is the best way to grow up yourself as reliable, and it can not only damage overcome fears but also make your self a Good Martial art fighter. So you can take a course on martial art’s purpose of saving yourself from your opponent. If you cant, find martial art near you.

You can search on google
The best martial art course near me.
you can search on youtube. And you can learn some of the techniques on the martial art freely. Here you can watch this video, and you can learn how to become a good fighter.

Forget about previous hits you got

I already mentioned forgetting about past history, if you got. So you have to remove everything from your history about fighting. Just think yourself you can also handle. Think before you hit Take a position to beat your opponent. You have to hit your opponent as if he will get hurt.


Those all of are I have suggested you, how to overcome the fear of fighting. And how to inflict with your opposite. But, remember one thing that battle is not the right solution, but it is also important that you have to save yourself in your way. If it is possible, try to solve with a cool mind and make a deal without fighting.

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