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How to Find Saved jobs on Linkedin



How to Find Saved jobs on Linkedin

Here you are probably searching for, “How to find saved jobs on Linkedin.” Yes, you are in the right place. Don’t worry. I will tell you how to find your saved jobs on Linkedin and will show you how to apply in the right way.

Sometimes, we have been browsing LinkedIn for hours to find out a perfect job. We find a lot of jobs on LinkedIn. All the jobs we save on save the option of LinkedIn. But at the end of the searching, you are not able to find out your save jobs which you have saved. You think it is tough to find out to save jobs. But the answer is, its pretty cool to find out your save jobs. So how can and where you can find you save jobs?

Linkedin has useful features to find out save jobs. I will show you in two ways to find and view your saved jobs on LinkedIn:

How to view your saved jobs from PC:

I think you have done your search for your job category, like in the picture.

Here you see I have searched related to a digital marketing job.

You can do filter what kind and feature do you want in your job on Linkedin.

Anyway, I think you have open a job and list in your save box like me:

 Here you see that an option; you can click here to keep on your list. If you already did it, congrets, you are successful entirely to save this job in your inventory. 

Now we are going to see our save job list, before going to see your save job list, please refresh your tab for one time. 

Now you have to click the “JOBS” button to see your save job list :

After clicking the “JOBS “button, I think you found like this photo:

 Please click the button to see your saved job –

Here is my list, which I kept a minute ago. It is very easier, more than you think.

 Now I will go to show how to see you save jobs on LinkedIn from mobile

 On mobile, it is also easy to find out your save jobs. Now I am going to guide you step by step :

Step:1 You have to search yot job category and click on it

Step 2: After clicking, you probably have seen this option “SAVE,” click on it and save it           


Then go to the “JOBS” again. Now see your save list…

 I think this article will help you with what you are searching for. Sometimes we make a mistake by clicking when you will see the job you don’t click but saved. You can delete it quickly. Just click on unsafe on the jobs page of LinkedIn.

Linkedin is actually for professional job seekers. Millions of people are searching for a job in a day, and they get. It is a great decision that you have to choose LinkedIn for seeking a job. But before looking job, you have to complete your profile the purpose of viewing professional. It needs to more attractive more than others and more professional than others. Here I have a guide for those: the ten tips to make your profile look like professional.

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How to Lock Facebook Profile in 2020




How to Lock Facebook Profile in 2020

Maybe you are searching the term “How to lock profile on Facebook?”. If you are searching for this term, you are in the right place.
Today I am going to share with you how to lock your profile most easily. 

Facebook profile lock is handy for any user. Sometimes we get trouble for our privacy. According to cyber, a vast number of users in social media, get an attack from an unknown person.

 Some public who misused Facebook is always trying to steal our information, our pictures and try to get a contact number for personal information. So this is a significant step to make ourselves more secure.  
I wrote about how to lock your profile just one click, 

In my previous post. But it wasn’t for all. Before doing this, we have done some settings and cross some steps.

Now I will do it step by step how to do it. 
 Step one:
If you are a mobile Facebook user, then fine. But if you are browsing your PC and if you are trying to lock from you PC or browser, First you have set your Url like :

 Create this and make the app version. Login to your account. 

Step two:  go to your settings 

 Click the settings, and you will see a lot of settings you can change. You can make your privacy. 

 Step three: Click on timeline and tagging 

  It is essential that who can post on your timeline to keep your privacy. When you are tagged in a post, what do you want to add to the audience of the post? 

Step 4: Now go to HELP Center

 In the help center of Facebook, you can find a bunch of information about Facebook.

 Step 5: After entering the Help center, you will see a search bar, and here the search bar, you have to search “Profile Lock,” and you will find a lot of options related to problem-solving and also concerned about your topic.

You have to click on the First question, which is related to your topic. Click the question on your browser.

Now you are going to get your intention of the result, 

 Click, “How do I lock my profile?’’ I think you will get the option 

After clicking “Tap here” you will get the option of Facebook profile locking.

Then click “Lock your profile.”

Facebook privacy is essential, I think. We all should be careful about our personal information.

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