How to Kill Your Ego

How to Kill Your Ego | The Best ways to Kill your Ego

“How to kill your ego?” the sound is a little bit curious to hear that if a person already known that he/she has an ego but can’t give up.

 It is so true that we have an ego; we also know that ego is not good. Ego can kill everything. Every day, peoples are doing breakup their relation, for the reason of ego. It’s not only breaking our relationship but also fly off from our position. 

 So, before killing your ego, you have to know that about your ego. What the way to know you are an egoist person? It is such importance that knowing the 

 Okay, I am telling you how to know about your ego you have. Did you ever jealousy about other successes? People who are egoist they always feel resentment about others. They think only they can do that thing, other people can’t do.

Their thinking is – only I can do, and no one can do this except me. Do you ever think like this? If you believe that only you can do and none can, so you are an egoist person. It is tough to identify how much ego of ourselves. But if we fail to recognize our ego, we can ask our friends and our parents. 

 Another way to identify the ego you have, do you have to think about unrealistic expectations and future? Do you have patience when other peoples are saying? It is one of the significant problems that an egoist person doesn’t want to listen to other thoughts and other lectures. Do you ever think you are a good listener whatever the speaker is? He/she can be junior. If all of the features you have, I am sorry to say you are one of the egoist people. But don’t every problem have a solution. 

 Okay, now I am going to write to you some ways how to kill your ego quickly?

 Be attentive to listen to other thoughts

I have already mentioned if you are not careful in listening to others’ ideas, the reason is about your ego. Always try to value different opinions. It is not only killing your egoism but also you will get a bunch of ideas. Suppose you’re junior try to tell you something.

But you are ignoring his/her thought. Because you think that you are already known better than him/her. It is your wrong thinking. to Killing your ego; the first step is a listener, be a listener. You have to listen to other thoughts. Whatever is she or he. 


An anonymous says, “patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” 

Aristotle says, “patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Goutam Buddha says,

– “There is no error greater than hatred and nothing mightier than patience.

One of the best strategies to overcome your ego is to be patient. 

When you are waiting for someone in a long time, that’s means proven that your ego is not working. Because it is determined that you are giving value to a person, it makes you patient. It will make you the right attitude person that everyone will love you.  


I think meditation is the best most natural way to give up your ego. Try to do mediate every day at a specific time. When you go for mediate for this time, think about them you hatred most. Try to love them. Close your eyes and see then laughing face and try to find out their innocent heart. okay I am telling real-life example about patience 

 I think you have heard the name of Goutam Buddha in Buddhism. He was a great thinker who was the person without ego. He had been meditation for 6years without any resistance.

   He said that “meditation brings wisdom, lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

Be foolish and be hungry, it will kill your ego

When you try to learn something new, you should try to be stupid and collect from your surroundings. Please do not try to be a knowing-all man. The key to learning something new, keep in mind that you think yourself a fresher. You can apply this formula. You can learn two things. One is you will learn something new, and you will learn from someone that will kill your ego.

 Forget about your previous success 

Suppose you are in a team. And you are successful in your earlier works. Now you think that you are the best in your organization. With your egoist mind are concentrating you to be different from them. Because your mind is telling you are the best.

If you think like this shit, try to give up. Forget your previous success and try to do something different together. Don’t try to count of earlier works in the present time. Try to follow this rule. I think you will get out of egoless.

Forget about your credit 

Sometimes we help another for different purposes. After that time, we think he/she should be grateful to us. We are the hero to their eyes. And we must obey us. We don’t care about them because we helped them before. 

 This is the biggest problem for us. In a word, we can’t think about ourselves without our credits. To kill our ego, we should forget whatever we helped another. It is essential before killing the ego.

“I am nothing; I am but an instrument, a tiny pencil in the hands of the lord with which he writes what he likes. However imperfect we are, he writes.”- mother Teresa, who was a woman without ego in her life, she was devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute around the world.

Try to love everything 

Another one of the best ways to kill your ego is to always keep love everything, everyone. When you look with your fresh mind around or the world, you can see everything is beautiful, everything is tender. How small creation we are, the mercy of God. 

 Try to forgiveness everyone. I hope if you think and set your mind fresh, you will be relaxed in every situation, and you can easily give up your ego.

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