Mind Control Tricks

Best 7 Mind Control Tricks Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Hey, Do you want to apply mind control tricks?

Our mind doesn’t work according to our instruction. The brain does its work following its choice. That’s why sometimes positive thoughts and occasionally negative thoughts come depending on circumstances.

Indeed, we can’t order our mind to succeed us. But, the key to controlling the mind is in our hands. So, we can control our thoughts according to our choice and pleasure.

So, what has to stop? Positive thoughts or negative thoughts?

Of course, negative thoughts. Negative thinking is the one which helps us to lose our self-esteem, self-confidence, and also helps us to feel low. To be happy and successful in life, we have to overcome the worsened situation or negative thoughts.

Therefore, some mind control tricks below here, if you desire to get rid of the wizard “Negative Thoughts “

1. Change your belief about you

At first, you need to change your perspective about your thoughts. If anyone says something terrible to you, obviously you will have a feeling of low confidence.

For example, if anyone makes fun of you, you think like “maybe, I am not like them, I don’t protest because of their fun.

That’s why they do this to me, and they also don’t know about my feeling. How I feel because of their fun.” So, like this, change the act or hazardous language of others according to your peace of mind.

2.Learn from mistakes

When something bad happens in our life, we become sad and be too negative about us. We also end up losing our confidence.

Then, we make more mistakes. So, instead of thinking about the unfortunate situation, learn from it. Think about the positive side of the matter.

3. Avoid Social media for mind control

Okay. So why have I told to avoid social media? It is because, in our bad moments, we feel alone and more depressed.

At that moment, when we see the happy posts of others. One can feel more sadness. It will harm the person’s mind, and mentally h/she will suffer more, will feel more loneliness.

Another wing, although it is said that sharing sadness with friends, it lightens our hearts. But, this process doesn’t work sometimes.

Instead, it becomes worse. We know that if one shares his/her sorrows with anyone, it is like informing others’ own’s weaknesses.

So, find your way without using social media and which is better than telling friends.

4. Be Optimistic

Yeah, many of us believe that we need to be pessimistic.

I agree with that. But, sometimes we need to be optimistic also. As an example, if you don’t do well in a presentation, at first, the lousy feeling will come in the case of everybody.

Then, you will think of yourself, good-for-nothing. Perhaps, you will set up a belief about you that always a bad thing happens with you.

So, at this time, you have to be optimistic, and you have to think like, ” I can do better well in the next presentation. Life is a mixture of good and evil. ”

So, this term is like always thinking positive is also harmful. Therefore, sometimes you have to choose negative thinking for your benefit. Adding a quote from my own, “Don’t be positive, think contrary “.

5. Solitary walk

The best way to decry your lousy mood. Walkthrough the road, river and observe the lives of others like people, birds, insects also.

I mean, keep from small to small things. Also, see the poor children who have to struggle with their daily life. After these, you will feel relief and burdenless.

This process will help you to decrease your sad feelings also will help you to know much information about other’s worlds.

6. Be creative

During a bad situation, if you pour those emotions on the white page by the ink or color, you will feel better.

This is one of the mind control tricks that can keep out of trouble. Besides, after relieving, your writing in a diary or painting will give you energy, which will help you to be more useful.

You can also try to make poetry, thinking at the moment. So, I think it is another effective way better than sharing with friends.

7. Find out the reason for sadness

Another mind control tricks are to observe your thoughts. Then, try to find out very smoothly, why you are sad. If you find it, then think, why that issue is making you miserable.

After that, remember, what can be a solution instead of being depressed. Because, sadness refers still you are the one, who is in pain.

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