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Do you need some self confidence formula?
A way to get success depends on habits, willpower, and hard work. So why need we confidence? It is correct that self-confidence can grow up you toward and helps to focus your actions.
Okay, I will share with you some self-confidence formula, which helps you to make your self-confidence.

At the age of 10, I got 40 marks off my math exam; I seem that I will not be able to do the math. My mind burked damnably because of fear math. One day I was thinking about how other students can do this thing, but can’t I? I made a decision that I should do achieve this by hook and crook. I have remembered that 30 days I studied on it, tried solving and practicing continuously. After the next five months, in my annual exam, I got 95 marks in math, which makes surprised my parents.

I have been learning since my childhood with a confidential mind.

To grow your self-confidence, first of all, you should believe in yourself. You have to think that you will do it; it can be possible to have to done by you. You can follow two techniques to believe yourself.

You can target microtask in every day. End of the day you have to look, the tasks have correctly done or not?

You have to try hard and soul to complete tasks. And I think you will do it and your confidence will grow up.
You have to takes success feels after you completed your microtasks. That makes you happier and helps to get confidence more and more.

You should be prepared to take fail of your projects. Remember, “Failure is the pillar of success.”
Don’t be disappointed when you get fail and fail, again and again. From your fail project, you will get priceless knowledge and experience. This is the best self confidence formula you should follow.

Practice, practice, and practice…

The method is the best way to get more confidence. Suppose you are out of work for a month. After a month, you will lose your faith than before because you were out of work. That why it will be uneasy. So you have to keep at your job until getting success.

Make a proper daily routine and calculate your works

You will get motivated when you see you are in your line. You will get motivated after seeing you are completing everyday tasks.

Make a good habit

When you look at the world, you will see most of the successful people didn’t fly off from their target. And they have a particular pattern and proper daily routine.

Specific determination of life

In every successful person, they have specific determination in their life. They were hungry for their goals. We should focus on our determination of what we want. Then we have to be serious about it. If we serious about our goal, we will get success anyhow. No one has to capability to diffuser from your goal. Success will come true if you have a specific determination. In every complete micro task, you will get motivated.


“Be miserable or motivated yourself. Whatever has to do, it’s always your choice” – Wayne Dyer

Be motivated yourself. Try to think you can do everything too, as people do. Try to make yourself. You can take the challenge to 31 days of self-love.

Listen to a song which makes you excited and helps to get energy

Some I feel bore, I miss out on my power. I play music. That is one of the easiest ways to get back energy. I listen to my favorite song, which makes me excited and helps to get back power. it is the way I have been following for years. You can dance also. Play a rock song and dance until breaking your boredom, depression.
Here I have a favorite songs list you can try to listen: Top 25 Dance Songs to Motivate You

communicate with same mind people

People with a mind like as you try to connect whit them. According to research, 90% of people get success quickly for their neighboring environment. It helps to get motivated to see them. Share your ideas with them. We all know that sharing is caring.

Get motivated from surrounding source

You can read a book in your leisure time. There are millions of books on the internet you can get in a minute. Quotes, motivational books can boost your confidence. If you think the book is not good enough or not interested in reading, you can go for YouTube; you can read from the blog. In a word, if you want to get motivated and boost your self-confidence, there are thousands of ways in your surroundings.

Public speaking

Suppose, you are going to give a speech in a public place or think thousands of audience concentrate to hear your address, what is your thinking? Can you give it? If your answer is “NO” then I will tell you to be prepared for it.

You have to think that you also have the power of creativity; you are also a talented person. Do not think you are useless. Try to keep up your confidence and ready for all time to give them a speech.

Social and volunteer works

You can join any social organization near your area. Social work is an excellent place to grow up with good deeds. You will get from how to help society and people. How you participate in social actions. Social voluntary actions make you be a leader, and they help you to grow your confidence.
Try to motivate a demotivate person
It works that if you do drive depressed people. When you will going to advise him/her about something, you will get prompted also.

Join the cultural club in your university

If you are a student at a university, join a cultural program, you will find positive-minded people, and we get busy. Shyness and introvert ness down you to depression always try to be a smiley person. You can also join a debating club at your university. Those all of the tasks put away you from depression.

Be positive minded

Positive mind thinking helps you to get rid of depression. Always try to be a positive person. Forgave your past what hilarious was. Try to focus on your present life. Don’t think about your future also. Positive thinking can bring your confidence.

Keep your face smiley

Laughing is the best thing to grow your positivity. If you start a morning, you’re your smiley face; the day will become very fresh. A fresh mind always brings to come positive thinking, and positive thinking will make you confidant.

When you look around the world, you will see most of the successful people they did hard work until gets successful. So you have to do hard and keep confidence in your mind.

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